Folding – G&G Lioness

Start by deflating the lioness on her side.

Lioness - Original

Finish getting the air out of the toy

Lioness - Deflate more

Smooth out the lioness so that the seams are flat.

Lioness - Smooth Seams

Fold the paws inside-out on the tips like so.

Lioness - Paw Tip Fold

Fold the arms back across the chest.

Lioness - Fold Front Paws

Fold it into a rectangle like so.

Lioness - Rectangle

Roll the lioness from the head toward the tail.

Lioness - Roll

The valve should be facing you now, so just let the rest of the air out of the toy to make it flat.

Lioness - Deflate Completely

Slip into packaging if you’d like. If you want the lioness to fold up thinner, make the rectangle shape thinner before rolling.

Lioness - In Packaging

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4 Responses to Folding – G&G Lioness

  1. E says:

    is it still possible to get the 15 foot lioness/tigress. i’d prefer the lioness because i like it’s shape better. if its possible and affordible could id get one, i get a little more than 100$ a month and id like to hear some pricings so i could know if i could afford it now or in a reasonable near future.

  2. Hollowpaw says:

    Contact G&G Inflatables.

  3. Sonja storie says:

    Is it posible that I could buy a ferris wolf from you thankf

  4. Steve R. says:

    is to sell the remaining

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