Folding – PuffyPaws Zenith

Deflating this massive inflatable dragon is pretty simple since there are so few chambers. Below are deflation and folding instructions, as well as an image gallery showing the steps.

  • Start by deflating the wings and draping them across the back, keeping the seams straightened out
  • Turn the dragon on its side and open the body valve to deflate the dragon. Be sure to make sure to flatten out the seams as it looses more and more air
  • Once the toy is flattened and most of the air is out, fold the legs up over the body (folding the toy in half)
  • Fold the legs back over themselves doubling them over
  • Fold the wings over the legs
  • Fold the wings back over themselves
  • Fold the head/neck over so that the Zenith is now a fairly even width down the length of the toy
  • Fold the head and tail ends towards themselves over the body
  • Fold those ends toward each other so that they meet
  • Fold once more and the toy is now packed away and fairly compact
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5 Responses to Folding – PuffyPaws Zenith

  1. macintosh2256 says:

    how did it cost ? where did you nuy becase to have one me too ? so does it cost very expensive ?

  2. Hollowpaw says:

    See for information about the Zenith toy

  3. macintosh2256 says:

    if you buy , you have ti know the price this awesome beasties ? and if you can do a ride video or photos ?

  4. luke says:

    hi im poor and it would make my life better if you would give me yours because my mom has a broken lib and we can only afford the cothes on our back and food and shelter. and i would love a toy please i have been whishing for that for a loong time. birthday, easter, chistmas , and then all over again next year. i cry because i have no friends and i have dreams of my mommy annd daddy all recoved and happy with me in the back round with zenith and me playing i thonk that you have alot of puffy pals you play with every day.i dot know if takin one dagon away will make you be sad but i would love him to would make my deams com tue!!!!!!!!!!! i love u lukey.god bless for kindly giving it to me. if u want i yill pay yoo alot of money if i can find any love you!!!!!!!!! lukey an 5 yeer olld boi:)

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