New Inflatable Dragon – Preorders Open

Here is a toy concept that Aaron8181 is looking to bring to life through JetCreations. The project is expected to run in early 2012 with preorders closing near the end of 2011. You can obtain an order form at InflateThemAll – link below.

  • 7 feet long!
  • 4 valve chambers
  • 0.4mm vinyl
  • Overlapping seams
  • Jet Creations will be making it
  • Will be open at least till the end of 2011
  • Expected price: $300~

You can find the order form here:

(Image from FurAffinity)

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2 Responses to New Inflatable Dragon – Preorders Open

  1. Max Corey aka Steed says:


    Just to say this dragon looks just right as to size and shape and he is cute as hell. I Like the colors too. Looking forward to two of them. Need to come up with good names.


  2. colin king says:

    I like that dragon it would be great to see the finish product I would love one of these do not have the money bet it would look great with some wings on great work weel done

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