New Intex 2012 Packaging

It’s not out of the ordinary for companies to change products through the years, and Intex has been known to update its catalog yearly but until recently it’s only just been changing toy designs in the line up. Starting in 2012 though, it seems there will be a lot more changes. First off, the product line dropped the title “The Wet Set” in favor of just the company name “Intex.”

Their products come with instruction sheets now.

They’ve also added quite a bit of warning text and imagery…

It also seems the vinyl on the 2012 penguin is thicker than the one released in 2011, so it seems Intex is trying yet another vinyl formula.

(Thanks to Smyle for the pictures and information.)

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16 Responses to New Intex 2012 Packaging

  1. Marty Huskion says:

    What the…?! If they had to put those large rectangular warning logos on the toy, why didn’t they use the other half of the white underside, and not the top of the back where it’s a huge eyesore?

    It looks less like a plaything and more like a dangerous implement. It’s as if they’re trying to go to great lengths to not get sued for potential accidents with toys that wouldn’t be their fault. The signs just remind me of the “Warning, cup is hot” markings on coffee mugs that exist just so that people who burn themselves can’t ravage the coffee company for money.

  2. Hotrod wolf says:

    why are we trying to protect all the stupid people that dont know how to use an inflatable safely? if they fail to be safe and hurt themselves then they shouldnt use them in the first place.

  3. trainz10 says:

    People these days sure are paranoid. :P

  4. StompyChar says:

    This is just sad,

    Are we as human beings really that stupid that we need these kind of prints?
    Clearly we do, its a shame as it ruins the Aesthetics of this particular (And be honest every other) toy.

    I really REALLY hope Intex will turn this decision around (Much like the 2008 Orca Re-Design)
    If not, buy your toys in bulk guys.

  5. Audiowolfeh says:

    Will they make a 2012 orca. I really want an intex orca, even if it means that logo crap. Though it would be way nicer without the logos, duh, obviously. >_<

    And what up with the orca size down?

    first 213cm, then 211cm, then 193cm, like…. wtf?!

  6. SoniaStrummFan217 says:

    All of those warning pictures on the side of the inflatable look stupid to me:/ They write all of that stuff on the inflatable anyway, so why do they think we need a visual guide now? If they want to use all those boxes and warning pictures, here’s a thought; put them on the back of the box or in the manual they seem to think people need.

  7. SoniaStrummFan217 says:

    Correcting my last comment, the warnings ARE on the back of the box. So why do they need to put all that on the inflatable too? It’s kind of distracting when you look at the toy^^;

  8. Bastratian says:

    I’m sure that the compagny doesn’t want to add all those warnings. The fact is: they probably lost a lot of money because of people hurting themselves, pursuing the compagny for this, and winning their cause because of a lack of warnings.

  9. Trainman says:

    This is unbelievable, in my opinion. The warnings totally destroy the aesthetic quality of the toy! It’s almost like some sort of bad joke. Looks like the kind of thing you’d see in a comic strip.

  10. C Gelmini says:

    These new warnings make about as much sense as me hiring a model plastered with tattoos.


  11. TurboDiesel says:

    It is absolutely ridiculous, I just got the new Intex Spaceship, the warnings are all over the toy, if they want to ruin the box or even the bottom of the toy that would be one thing, But leave the top alone.

    I notice other companies don’t destroy their toys with all that gobbledygook, Why do they find it necessary to save the world, if a person is that stupid, they deserve to get injured!

  12. Phaedra Wolf says:

    WTF. I’m guessing there’s no way to get a hold of some silkscreen inks or whatever is used and paint over that crap is there???

  13. jack37343 says:

    this is so stupid if i get one of these i will gave to paint over the labels this is REALLY stupid

  14. Zanobi says:

    We should sign a petition to have them tone it down or knock it off some. I just got a few new clear blue bestway whales and their plastered in nonsense, even the underside of their tales are full of it =(

  15. Syra says:

    I looked at intex’s new website and they are boasting about how safety oriented they are. So I don’t think they will turn their decision around anytime soon.

    To add to that, not all the graphics are easy to understand. I was fine with the normal warning labels they had on their. It was a simple line written in every language imaginable. That seemed sufficient enough. Also they put it in a place where it what visible, but didn’t take away form the atheistics of the toy.

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