New Intex 2012 Packaging (continued)

Intex’s penguin wasn’t the only toy to suffer from new safety branding.

“Interesting note: their walrus does not have the warning labels on them despite the change in box. In fact, only the Intex logo, and the dimensions print have changed. Everything else on the box stayed the same. There is no instuction manual inside the walrus box too.”

Photos and quote from Smyle.

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4 Responses to New Intex 2012 Packaging (continued)

  1. kamsirius says:

    …. I will not bounce hard on my dolphin anymore.

  2. Cyrin says:

    My poor, poor phinny doppelgänger… what have they done to your sides? :/

  3. Odious says:

    I honestly have much less inclination to purchase any toy with such warnings on it. It frankly ruins the toy.

  4. Jeffery Rodgers says:

    I don’t why they need to plaster all that writing over them like that,which looks ugly!!

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