PhenodToy’s new deer!

One year after the big doe, here is a chance to own your very own vinyl venison! Announcing the Phenod Toy 6′ deer run with two options – a buck and a doe!

What you see below is the original 6′ (182cm) prototype for our doe. You may order this deer as a buck or a doe. The buck is identical to the doe except of course he will be sporting those cute little stub horns he had in his former 36 inch size. Standing at 6 feet tall, your new doe or buck boasts 0.4mm super soft base color vinyl with the same improved, strengthened seams as our famous 7′ deer. This doe or buck can easily support up to 300 lbs. These deer will have the traditional rump valve placement that provides easy access for deflation. This design has proven to be very durable in all weather conditions. The 6 foot size makes the deer more maneuverable and flexible, allowing for more poses and positions for photographs than the the previous 7 foot version. Unlike the 7 foot version, the 6 foot deer will fit on a bed fully inflated without scraping the ceiling. If you are interested in the softest, strongest buck or doe in existence, please fill out the order form below.

PhenodToy Six-Foot Buck and Doe Order Form

watermarked buck doe butt

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DeRG Inflatables Albino Gator

DeRG Inflatables has a new project: An inflatable albino gator.

Preorder on Inflate Them All

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Airhugs Toys: New Group, New Toy

Airhugs Toys is a new group on the block working to produce unique inflatables. Their first toy Barge, as shown below, is open for preorders at the time of writing.

For more information, check out their website or FA.

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Dudu the Floatie – an anime short featuring an inflatable character

young3 by animeultimatv

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Inflatable dragons in the pool

This is the Inflatableworld Dragon and the Puffypaws Sea Dragon!

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Fursuits and a room full of beachballs!

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Inflatable Furs Meet & Greet at Furry Weekend Atlanta

If you’re coming to Furry Weekend Atlanta next weekend, be sure to stop by the Inflatable Furs Meet & Greet panel on Friday evening at 10:30.

Since it’s in the After Dark track, you must be at least 18 years old to attend the panel. For more info, watch the entry for the panel or see the forum.

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Inflatable Sea Dragon

Preorders end on May 1st 2013.

More info at:

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Inflatable Dragon

More info at:

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Puffy Paws has a poll on their website and they want to know what design they should bring back for their next project, or if they should make something new.

Go register at their site and vote!

Which of our PuffyPaws toys should we re-open pre-prders?

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