How To – Weaken/Remove Valve Caps

Most (if not every) valve has a cap on the inside that prevents the toy from leaking air when the cap is open. It can make inflation and deflation fairly slow, and some people might like to weaken it, or remove it. Here’s how!

WARNINGS: Not recommended for use on toys with stiffer valves that tend to pop open on their own. Also not recommended on very small chambers, such as the antlers on the Jets reindeer.

Step 1: Inflate the toy partially, this gives you slack to work with.
Step 2: Close the valve and push it into the toy.
Step 3: Hold the valve through the vinyl with one hand and reach around with your other hand to grip the valve from the other side. You should be able to move the cap with your fingertips.
Step 4: You may need to initially twist your arms to get this done easily, but what you will do next is turn the valve in one direction (say, clockwise) and the cap that is gripped with your other hand in the opposite direction (counter-clockwise, if you spun the other clockwise.)
Step 5: You should feel it get a lot weaker. Stop here if you want to keep the cap in place but want more air-flow.
Step 6: If you want to completely remove it, continue this motion back and forth until the cap pops off. You can let the cap go but it will stay in the toy, or you can push it out.
Step 7: To push it out, simply push the cap through perpendicular to how it was originally in place. It should slide into the valve stem. You can then use fingernails or a mechanical pencil to wedge the cap out of the toy.

You will now be able to easily inflate and deflate the toy. Have fun!

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