New inflatable dragon on the way!

Not even a week after the last new toy news from from, new photos are floating around IYRU of a new dragon in production.

The price is rumored to be around 80 EUR. The size seems to be extremely large – the valve looks like a #3 – the same valve used on their inflatable horse and zebra.

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11 Responses to New inflatable dragon on the way!

  1. tony wilson says:

    Did You See the New Little Hamster

  2. Hollowpaw says:

    New Hamster? No I haven’t – care to share?

  3. How much is youer dragon going to coest in US $

  4. oo one moer thing i think you shud make one air chamber fore him it wood bee eser to store dragon

  5. Df says:

    That dragon is sweet. Any idea when/where I can find it?

  6. Hollowpaw says:

    It’s not our dragon, ask

  7. Hollowpaw says:

    Check’s website around March.

  8. Jan says:

    ten je krásný doufám že jich bude dost

  9. Jan says:

    This is good dragon

  10. dracek15 says:

    this is good dragon.I love inflatable dragon

  11. I love that iw inflatable dragon I like many

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