Intex: More warning labels – Why?

Yet another 2012 Intex inflatable pool toy with warnings plastered all over it. After hunting on the internet for news related to injuries related to inflatable pool toys (or something that could have prompted this) – I could not find anything. Nothing but an article demonizing inflatables for being made of a “toxic plastic” known as PVC, advising people to buy other fun summer items.

I don’t think the phthalates are as big of a deal as people have made it out to me. If I’m wrong, feel free to comment with evidence.

Also please post if you find any information as to why this company is turning its product line into floating warning labels, that would be fantastic.


The irony, inflatable toys have more warnings on them than more dangerous things like blenders and whatnot

Artwork by Rawr

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8 Responses to Intex: More warning labels – Why?

  1. Kitutal says:

    You know what, I’m over these warning labels now, they ruin the aesthetics of the toys, sure, but it could be a lot worse, I’m starting to get used to them and not mind or even notice them so much. Though of course I’d rather they weren’t there at all.

  2. Bastratian says:

    I found a few articles about those risks. Here’s the headlines of what I found:
    -Phtalates acts like pheromones (it might explain a certain fetish…), which is no big deal in itself.
    -However, researches identified risks for children. Reporting liver and kidney lesions, and abnormalities in the development of male genitals.
    -The concentration of emanations varies depending on the kind of PVC and the temperature: stretchy and hot = bad!
    -I know that there is a phtalates regulation in Canada. (maximum 1,000 mg/kg). But it also says there is a risk only by sucking/chewing.

  3. @Kitual They may go away after this year, only time will tell.

    @Bastratian That does make sense. Thank you for your research!

  4. Ethan Riddings says:

    Hey I am a grandfather and its hard for me to read the warning label. I think they should make the warning labels even bigger so I don’t get hurt when I’m riding inflatable dolphins. The small type is unfair to us in our golden years.

  5. Syra says:

    I have actually found that these warning labels can be removed with acetone. . . which is a warning they forgot to put on there.

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