Update: Aaron’s Inflatable Dragon Project

Looks like there are pictures from the factory online of a prototype of Aaron’s dragon.

More pictures can be found at InflateThemAll.

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11 Responses to Update: Aaron’s Inflatable Dragon Project

  1. dd player says:

    I like the look of the handles, very cute. I’m not a “rider” but do like inflatable dragons.

  2. MightyMaxx says:

    It was my Idea to ask if i can have Handles so it, so i got it. I really want to ride my Dragon in the Water like a real Pool Toy, sure i can hold on his Head or Neck, but a Toy with Handles gives a special appearance to me. At this time i’m Designing a Shirt and buttons with the Prototype Drawings and around the pic text like “I’m a Dragon Tamer” above and “Aaron8181 blue Pouncing Dragon” under the pic.

  3. dd player says:

    If you could make some with clear vinyl with a slight color tint, that would look great.

  4. dd player says:

    It does look like it would be fun in a pool. I would worry about the seams tearing. Great looking dragon, can’t say that enough.

  5. MightyMaxx says:

    @dd-player: i hope there will be no problem with his seams. If i can’t ride him in the Pool, then where is the reason to buy one? To collect Dust?

  6. dd player says:

    I have always wanted to fly around on a dragon. Floating around a pool on one is about as close as one can get. I saw a Zenith dragon on ebay that had some seam repairs. Strips glued on over some of the seams. That’s what got me wondering how strong they are.

  7. MightyMaxx says:

    Thats the same Listing i saw, you mean the one that was used as Decoration while a Magic: The Gathering Tournament, right?

    But i’m happy so meet someone who has the same preference and the same Imagination like me.

  8. dd player says:

    Yep that’s the one.

  9. dd player says:

    The Leonopteryx flying scenes in the movie avatar. I can’t watch that enough.

  10. Benedict Lee says:

    Are the orders for this toy still open? If not, where can i buy one?

  11. They are not. You can email Aaronwhipya@gmail.com to see if he has any available.

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