New Toys for Sale

Email if you want to order anything listed in this post. Hollow Paws is not the group selling them.

The awesome folks at are working on getting a new store online – one that will allow for easier English ordering! In the mean time, their new products have not been added yet but can be bought by emailing them. (inf0) at [] is the address. Below are pictures, information, and the prices I was quoted.


Size: 7.3′ Tall
Style: Matte only
Price: 66.30 EUR
Shipping weight: 5 kg

Blue Whale

Size: 10′ Long
Style: Clear (shiny only) or opaque (matte or shiny)
Price: 40.25 EUR
Shipping weight: 3.3 kg


Size: 7′ Tall
Style: Matte only
Price: 66.30 EUR
Shipping weight: 5.5 kg

Important Information

Prices are listed without VAT. The max weight of one shipping box is 30kg.

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18 Responses to New Toys for Sale

  1. kamsirius says:

    Right in time! *orders dragon…*

  2. MightyMaxx says:

    I have paid 47,90 for my Blue Whale, is the price on this site right? Anyway, i got an hole in it just after 3 Days. I mailed them and they said they repair it with a professional welding machine, but for this price i hoped for a better quality.

  3. MightyMaxx says:

    I got it back some Days ago, re-inflated it and since three days it stays up. There was an very tiny hole on a place on the underside that looked like it was the start/end point of the welding machine in the manufacturer facility.
    Now i got it back with an fatter seam on the underside on a length of about 50~70 cm.

  4. memma says:

    The prices on this site are without VAT, so the final price is more.


  5. Lorraine Moore says:

    Hello, I’m looking to get some characters custom made, i would like to know do you do that kind of work?

    Lorraine Moore

  6. toto says:

    in stock??
    paid card??

  7. Lawrence Hawk says:

    opaque Blue Whale I’m interested in ordering the one that is not shiny.

  8. Timberwolfhusky says:

    Do answer e mails in english?? any ideas on how much my shipping would end up if i live in the US if I order a dragon?

  9. I’m not sure of the shipping but they do orders in english. Email with your question

  10. Mark Alt says:

    Dear Sir, Yes I would like to see about ordering the 7′ 3” inflatable Dragon that you have on the photo of this page. Tell me the cost including shipping also. Sincerly Mark

  11. Ricky says:

    I want the huge inflatable santa claus on that site. It costs around 100 euros. I will buy it soon. I just hope it is durable!!!!! I’d hate to hear the familiar, horrible hissing sound soon after playing with it. For 100 euros it should be made of very thick vinyl.

  12. T. G. says:

    Does anybody know if this item is still available? I have attempted to send an inquiry to the email address listed, only to recieve a MAILER_DAEMON failure notice, implying the email address no longer exists. If it is still possible to obtain the inflatable dragon listed here, could somebody please provide me with a valid address to inquire?

  13. They have a store online now at – no longer need to email them.

  14. Jeffery Rodgers says:

    Hello ,I`m thinking of buying either the DRAGON or the BLUE TRANSPERENT WHALE and I`m wondering what it would cost to ship either of these to AUSTRALIA?

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