Puffy Paws has a poll on their website and they want to know what design they should bring back for their next project, or if they should make something new.

Go register at their site and vote!

Which of our PuffyPaws toys should we re-open pre-prders?

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11 Responses to Vote

  1. MakksDP says:

    The husky.

  2. MightyMaxx says:

    After seeing the Banner at InflateThemAll this morning i raised my Hands up and yelled YIPPIE YEAHHHH, because i hope for the Wolf. My dream is comming true.

  3. dd player says:

    The wolf with handles would be great.

  4. MightyMaxx says:

    Ohhh, yess, a Wolf with Handles. Like my Dragon has, that would also look Fun on him. On the Dragon the Handles are hidden behind his ears, on the Wolf everybody could see it. That would be cute.

  5. dd player says:

    Along with the handles, make that wolf out of transparent vinyl.

  6. 1912w says:

    Did anyone announce how long the poll will be open?

  7. vinyl vixen says:

    Great, now let’s get some timely updates going on the blog, Puffs, so the unwashed who are not members of the privileged inner cabal can actually make timely, informed decisions, thus avoiding the ghastly battles of the ‘bay….

  8. toto says:

    Husky: 268
    wolf: 264
    I want to win wolf

  9. dd player says:

    I know, how about a design that’s husky on one side and wolf on the other?

  10. dd player says:

    The art work you come up with is so cute. Can’t just pick one when they all look so good!

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