PhenodToy’s new deer!

One year after the big doe, here is a chance to own your very own vinyl venison! Announcing the Phenod Toy 6′ deer run with two options – a buck and a doe!

What you see below is the original 6′ (182cm) prototype for our doe. You may order this deer as a buck or a doe. The buck is identical to the doe except of course he will be sporting those cute little stub horns he had in his former 36 inch size. Standing at 6 feet tall, your new doe or buck boasts 0.4mm super soft base color vinyl with the same improved, strengthened seams as our famous 7′ deer. This doe or buck can easily support up to 300 lbs. These deer will have the traditional rump valve placement that provides easy access for deflation. This design has proven to be very durable in all weather conditions. The 6 foot size makes the deer more maneuverable and flexible, allowing for more poses and positions for photographs than the the previous 7 foot version. Unlike the 7 foot version, the 6 foot deer will fit on a bed fully inflated without scraping the ceiling. If you are interested in the softest, strongest buck or doe in existence, please fill out the order form below.

PhenodToy Six-Foot Buck and Doe Order Form

watermarked buck doe butt

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2 Responses to PhenodToy’s new deer!

  1. dd player says:

    I like the way the legs are part of the main body and not just stuck on the sides. It looks a lot better that way.

  2. dd player says:

    If you could make some of your other critters with the legs like that it would be great. Some dragons would be neat.

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