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Hope those of you in cold regions are staying warm! (Inflatable fox at

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Inflatableworld: New Chipmunk

Wow, InflatableWorld is really on a roll! Designed by Alexia, here’s a “hamster/chipmunk thing”. No expected date or price known. It’s likely that this toy will be 5-6 feet tall.

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Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas from Hollow Paws! Here are two downloadable versions for standard and widescreen monitors. These can be scaled down to lower resolutions to fit your needs. :) Standard – 1152 x 864 Widescreen – 1440 x 900 Feel free … Continue reading

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Inflatable Costumes

Here is a PuffyPaws vixen modified to be a wearable suit by Sirius: (Source: FurAffinity – 1280×800 photoshopped image can be downloaded here) For resources on how to make suits like this yourself, Cyrin has a tutorial on his website … Continue reading

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Puffypaws Inflatable Wolf Timelapse

xbambi is a user with a passion for taking great photos in forgotten places. Quite a bit of the time, these photos involve inflatables like the Puffypaws wolf! Puffypaws Inflatable Wolf from Inflatable Reindeer on Vimeo. (Article on

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Inflatable Summer Fun!

A Coca-Cola ad from 2001 c/o xbambi at IYRU!

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Pounce, Splash, Squeak!

I found this lovely picture of these inflatable “pouncing” canines on the water earlier today and just had to share it with the community. (Photo via Aphorx/IYRU) We want to make this community more interesting for you, the reader, so … Continue reading

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PuffyPaws Inflatable Cow Repair

Should your inflatable cow from PuffyPaws lose a leg, it can be fixed. This is how Cyrin fixed his cow’s leg.

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Foxsuit Meets Squeaky Fox!

Cute fox fursuit meets cute inflatable fox!

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Fursuits + Toys + Pool = This

Look! It’s an otter in his natural habitat! Well, sort of. :) Arex Husky & Twinkle are the fursuitters. Toy is the KwisA toy made by Puffypaws. Video was taken at Eurofurence 16.

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