More PuffyPaws Huskies Coming Soon?

If you take a look at the eBay description for the last item they sold on eBay, you’ll notice the following at the bottom: “[..] as we’ve got lots of interesting stuff coming to eBay really soon, including more foxes , wolves, and even a few other rarities!”

On the new inflatable otter eBay listing, at the bottom of the description the text was changed to: “[..] we’ve got lots of interesting stuff coming to eBay really soon, including more huskies and even a few other rarities!”

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A toy so huge, it’s otterly unbelievable!

The Puffypaws Otter prototype is finished. They’re starting production on the customer units. :)

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New Toys for Sale

Email if you want to order anything listed in this post. Hollow Paws is not the group selling them.

The awesome folks at are working on getting a new store online – one that will allow for easier English ordering! In the mean time, their new products have not been added yet but can be bought by emailing them. (inf0) at [] is the address. Below are pictures, information, and the prices I was quoted.


Size: 7.3′ Tall
Style: Matte only
Price: 66.30 EUR
Shipping weight: 5 kg

Blue Whale

Size: 10′ Long
Style: Clear (shiny only) or opaque (matte or shiny)
Price: 40.25 EUR
Shipping weight: 3.3 kg


Size: 7′ Tall
Style: Matte only
Price: 66.30 EUR
Shipping weight: 5.5 kg

Important Information

Prices are listed without VAT. The max weight of one shipping box is 30kg.

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Wolfdog update (no photos)

The folks at HiroInflates have an update on their wolfdog inflatable:

Hi all. It has been a while since the last update as it has took us quite a while to get the prototype as close to the design as possible, and finally the design for the blank prototype has been approved. A coloured version is on its way and we would be posting it once it is done. Apologies to all for the wait. We only hope to create the perfect inflatable wolfdog for all ;) Thank you for being patient with us.


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Intex: More warning labels – Why?

Yet another 2012 Intex inflatable pool toy with warnings plastered all over it. After hunting on the internet for news related to injuries related to inflatable pool toys (or something that could have prompted this) – I could not find anything. Nothing but an article demonizing inflatables for being made of a “toxic plastic” known as PVC, advising people to buy other fun summer items.

I don’t think the phthalates are as big of a deal as people have made it out to me. If I’m wrong, feel free to comment with evidence.

Also please post if you find any information as to why this company is turning its product line into floating warning labels, that would be fantastic.


The irony, inflatable toys have more warnings on them than more dangerous things like blenders and whatnot

Artwork by Rawr

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Hope those of you in cold regions are staying warm!

(Inflatable fox at

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Update: Aaron’s Inflatable Dragon Project

Looks like there are pictures from the factory online of a prototype of Aaron’s dragon.

More pictures can be found at InflateThemAll.

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Puffy Paws: Otter orders are open

Puffy Paws is back with a huge inflatable otter designed by Foxen! Stats from Puffy Paws are listed below. The estimated delivery date was quoted at 4-5 months after preorders close, so that would be July-August.

  • 7′ long
  • 1 chamber design (#3 valve)
  • 0.4mm vinyl (same as our husky!)
  • Overlapping seams for strength
  • $350 + shipping/handling

Order yours here!

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Inflatableworld: New Chipmunk

Wow, InflatableWorld is really on a roll! Designed by Alexia, here’s a “hamster/chipmunk thing”. No expected date or price known. It’s likely that this toy will be 5-6 feet tall.

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Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas from Hollow Paws!

Here are two downloadable versions for standard and widescreen monitors. These can be scaled down to lower resolutions to fit your needs. :)

Standard – 1152 x 864
Widescreen – 1440 x 900

Feel free to send in any Christmas/New Years photos!

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