New Intex 2012 Packaging (continued)

Intex’s penguin wasn’t the only toy to suffer from new safety branding.

“Interesting note: their walrus does not have the warning labels on them despite the change in box. In fact, only the Intex logo, and the dimensions print have changed. Everything else on the box stayed the same. There is no instuction manual inside the walrus box too.”

Photos and quote from Smyle.

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New inflatable dragon on the way!

Not even a week after the last new toy news from from, new photos are floating around IYRU of a new dragon in production.

The price is rumored to be around 80 EUR. The size seems to be extremely large – the valve looks like a #3 – the same valve used on their inflatable horse and zebra.

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New (familiar) inflatable whale from

Holy moly! It appears is working on a 3 meters/9.8 feet/118 inches long whale. According to the image, it might be available in early 2012. A member in our forum said he was told to look for new toys in their lineup in January. (The plural is interesting, wonder what else is coming!) There’s no information on a price yet but it looks like two different versions will be available, opaque/matte and transparent/shiny.

Blue whale

Image source: IYRU

I’m curious as to what this will do to people’s profitable eBay sales of the old-style 84″ Intex Whale of similar design. I have a hunch if people continue to sell them that the price won’t be impacted too much, considering it’s pretty much a rare/collectible item now.

Intex blue whale

One good thing about the design is the Intex blue whale has a bit of a dip in the “chest” region that was really prone to seam-splits and judging by the pictures from, their model does not seem to have that fault point. This is something to look forward to!

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New Intex 2012 Packaging

It’s not out of the ordinary for companies to change products through the years, and Intex has been known to update its catalog yearly but until recently it’s only just been changing toy designs in the line up. Starting in 2012 though, it seems there will be a lot more changes. First off, the product line dropped the title “The Wet Set” in favor of just the company name “Intex.”

Their products come with instruction sheets now.

They’ve also added quite a bit of warning text and imagery…

It also seems the vinyl on the 2012 penguin is thicker than the one released in 2011, so it seems Intex is trying yet another vinyl formula.

(Thanks to Smyle for the pictures and information.)

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New Inflatable Dragon – Preorders Open

Here is a toy concept that Aaron8181 is looking to bring to life through JetCreations. The project is expected to run in early 2012 with preorders closing near the end of 2011. You can obtain an order form at InflateThemAll – link below.

  • 7 feet long!
  • 4 valve chambers
  • 0.4mm vinyl
  • Overlapping seams
  • Jet Creations will be making it
  • Will be open at least till the end of 2011
  • Expected price: $300~

You can find the order form here:

(Image from FurAffinity)

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Inflatable Costumes

Here is a PuffyPaws vixen modified to be a wearable suit by Sirius:

(Source: FurAffinity – 1280×800 photoshopped image can be downloaded here)

For resources on how to make suits like this yourself, Cyrin has a tutorial on his website for how to make a double-walled inflatable orca suit.

Foxes and whales not your thing? Here’s a huge modified Jets T-Rex roaming around at FWA2010:

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Hiro Inflates Wolfdog – Preorders Closing Today

(This should have been posted here earlier but management has been very busy offline.)

Here’s a “wolfdog” toy design that will be in production shortly. Preorders close today and payment is due on the 19th so production can start. Estimated finish time is set for December 2011/January 2012.

  • .5mm/20ga vinyl, same as G&G toys
  • 1 chamber
  • #2 or #3 valve, has not been decided
  • $230/unit preorder price
  • Preorder closes 15 Sept, payments accepted until 19 Sept

You can find more information at these two links: (Wolfdog preorders) (Preorders closing soon)

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Puffypaws Inflatable Wolf Timelapse

xbambi is a user with a passion for taking great photos in forgotten places. Quite a bit of the time, these photos involve inflatables like the Puffypaws wolf!

Puffypaws Inflatable Wolf from Inflatable Reindeer on Vimeo.

(Article on

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Thundercats Leopard Update

Remember that post a bit ago about Thundercats new project? Seems the leopard is underway. :)

More pictures can be found on his IYRU gallery.

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More EF17 Pool Party Footage!

First we have this video from Kamsirius:

And then this video from Huskion:

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